[BUY] BSA Optics Varmint Hunter Green Laser Sight and Light Review

BSA Optics Varmint Hunter Green Laser Sight and Light LLGCP features a powerful laser sight that lets you to find your targets faster and more accurately. The powerful green laser beam designates your target at a great distance, while the flashlight illuminates the target in low light or no light. This BSA Optics gun sight also includes cables with momentary pressure pads that allow you to activate the laser scope and weapon light with push button ease. Eliminate your quarry with this BSA Optics laser sight.

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93.25 /100
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Specifications for BSA Optics Varmint Hunter Green Laser Sight and Light:

Power Requirement: Laser DC3V, Light DC6V
Range: 5moa at 6.25yds
Laser Class: 3R
Output Power: 3-5mW
Wave Length: 532nm
Focus Range: 50 yds.
Tube Diameter: 18.9mm
Objective Bell Diameter: 22.5mm
Visible Range: 50 yds (indoor lit)
Visible Range: 100 yds (outdoor night)

Features of BSA Optics Varmint Hunter Green Laser Scope and Flashlight:

  • Laser and light in one package
  • Windage/Elevation Adjustments
  • Black Matte Finish
  • Dot Size: 11.3mm at 10 yards
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

1-BSA Optics Varmint Hunter Green Laser Sight and Light
2-BSA Optics Varmint Hunter Green Laser Sight and Light

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Samson - Add Reply

I am on my second one of these. The first one lasted about 10 minutes before the laser crapped out. The second one lasted slightly longer but now the laser is crapping out again. Second problem is that the laser will not maintain a consistent aim point. I have to adjust it almost every shot. Pros: Great Light Cons: Laser don't work

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