Review Shooter's Ridge Folding Gun Shooting Vise Pros

Shooters Ridge Folding Gun Shooting Vise 40440 is a secure gun vise that reduces the work of rifle maintenance and zeroing in. The SR Folding Gun Shooting Vise holds your rifle securely for gun cleaning. Padded supports protect the finish of your firearm during rifle cleaning. When it's time to head to the rifle range, the collapsible gun rest from Shooters Ridge doubles as a gun mount, letting you sight in your rifle scope. The light weight rifle rest rest is easy to carry and transport, as it folds flat to fit into just about any gear bag. You'll be shooting targets dead center with the Shooters Ridge Folding Maintenance Rest.

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92.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for SR Shooters Ridge Folding Gun Shooting Vise:

Length, collapsed: 9-3/4"
Length, extended: 15"
Width: 5-3/4"

Features of Shooter's Ridge Folding Gun Shooting Vise:

  • Folds flat and compact to fit in nearly any carry bag
  • Padded rests protect gun finish
  • Ideal for gun cleaning, gun maintenance, sighting in


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Carmine - Add Reply

My bench gun vise by Tipton is definitely more secure but it costs 5x as much and stays in the garage. This sliding rest goes on the road with me, for range fixes. I had to breakdown my M1A to remove a useless buffer, and this was much more comfortable to have at the hot range under the scrutiny of the rangemaster. I was disappointed that there is no locking mechanism for the sliding base, so I drilled a hole for a standard hitch pin which works fine for an extra $1. Pros: Lightweight, stable, small enough to take with me to range Cons: No locking mechanism on sliding base

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Zion - Add Reply

It's very satisfication product and easy to use.

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